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22/23 The school-based learning activities of Chinese culture

  •  A hanging ornament for the National Day
    In order to celebrate the National Day, parents and students design a hanging ornament for the celebration. Through this activity, Children get to know the birthday of the motherland and create affection. It can build a great sense of art culture atmosphere inside the school campus. The hanging is made of environmentally friendly materials, with exquisite design and bright colors, which has the atmosphere of celebrating the birthday of the motherland.

  • Celebration of Chinese New Year
    In order to let children understand the customs of the Lunar New Year, children and teachers wear traditional Chinese costumes to participate in the celebration of Chinese New Year, and arrange lion dances and New Year greetings, so that children can feel the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year.
    This activity allowed children to understand the customs of the Chinese New Year, cultivate children’s polite behavior and learn different Chinese New Year blessings.

  • A hanging ornament for the Lunar Chinese New Year
    Parents and children design different hanging decorations to welcome the festive and joyous Lunar New Year together!

  • Dragon Boat Festival activities
    Dragon boats are most familiar to children during the Dragon Boat Festival. The school provides dragon boat models and drums for children to experience the fun of dragon boats.

  • The 26th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR Birthday Cake Design Competition
    To celebrate the 26th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, the competition designed a beautiful cake to celebrate this special and commemorative day, encouraging children to use their creativity and sending blessings for Hong Kong’s bright future.

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