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Department of Social Services of the Christian Hong Kong Chongzhen Society
Pre-school social work services


To promote the development of children as a whole, the Social Services Department of the Christian Hong Kong Chongzhen Society has been providing school social work services to early childhood schools and kindergartens since 2002 and is committed to working with parents and schools to create a better environment for pre-school children to grow up.

In February 2019, the agency was commissioned by the Social Welfare Department to become the operator of the Preschool Units To Provide Social Work Services Pilot Program (Phase I), which provides professional social workers’ resident services to The Santa Ana Chinese and English Kindergarten.


Service concept

Walk with the family 

Work hand in hand with the school


The service objective

  • Support for pre-school children and their families in need
  • To promote the all-round development of pre-school children’s body, heart, society and spirit
  • Promote parent-child relationships and communication, and strengthen family ties
  • Improve parents’ skills

The content of the service

Consultation and case counselling services

  • Professional case services for pre-school children and their families in need and timely referrals as required.

Growth activities

  • Cultivate the physical, mental, social and spiritual development of pre-school children through growth groups and activities and inculcate the right values.

Vocational education

  • Through parent education, we will enhance parents’ discipline skills and promote positive discipline motivation.

Parent-child activities

  • Through various types of parent-child activities, we will create positive family coexistence experiences and strengthen family relationships.

School social worker: Christy Chin
School hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 8.30am to 5pm (except school and public holidays)

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